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Welcome to RG Telecom, where you have the power to give yourself the ultimate communications solution, no matter your location or budget.
There are many factors to a phone system and some that not everyone is aware of when looking for the right solution.

- Phones
Having the correct phone to your system is a key deployment, make sure your installing firm knows the key features of the phones and the linking within the system and most importantly how changes can be made.

- Phone lines
Make sure that you have all the information on your line, including rental and additional costs, how long the contract is in place for, what kind of agreements there are in case the company supplying the line ceases to exist. All standard points, but ones that are often over looked.

- Phone Number
City Numbers advise us and you to check the phone number/s of the location and its provider. Also look into setting up non-geographic numbers like an 0800 number to get better customer throughput to your existing local number. If you have multiple numbers then make sure they are all allocated to the phone system upon need and requirement.
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